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Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Butterfly Affect

A young soldier stood patrolling a side street in Hebron when out of nowhere a Palestinian rushed at him with a knife, stabbed him and left him bleeding to death on the pavement. Sometime later he was found by a Jewish teenager who immediately administered first aid, stemmed the flow of blood and called emergency services for an ambulance. The ambulance took them to Hadassah, and after the boy was certain the soldier was in good hands, returned to his home in Hebron.

The soldier survived and made a full recovery. Overjoyed, the parents of the soldier questioned him about the person who saved him. But, through loss of blood he was virtually unconscious and couldn’t remember a thing. The Parents were not satisfied to leave it, they wanted to find their sons savior and posted messages all over to try and jog somebody’s memory. The Parents of the boy owned a grocery in Jerusalem and they hung a large poster asking for help in finding this mystery person.

Time went by and one day a woman entered the shop and saw the poster. She spoke to the owner and claimed that this sounded like her son. He had mentioned that there had been an incident and while she was very proud of him, he was very modest and said it was what anybody would have done. She left it at that.

The women returned to Hebron and asked her son if he would agree to meet the soldier and his parents at a little party to celebrate the soldier’s recovery. He agreed and they left for Jerusalem.

After the party the two mothers were washing up when the mother of the teenager (Rachel) told the mother of the soldier (Sara) that this wasn’t the first time she had been to their grocery.

Years ago Rachel was in Jerusalem and decided she needed a drink. The owner of the grocery, Sara, was concerned that Rachel was looking quite ill and invited her into the back room for a cup of tea. Rachel said that Sara showed so much compassion that she opened her heart to them and in floods of tears told them her story. Rachel was pregnant and the father had run off leaving her to fend for herself. She was very ill with the pregnancy and thought the only option was to have an abortion. Sara and her husband sat with her for hours as they talked through all her options and instilled a confidence in Rachel she had never known. Rachel left and decided to have the baby.

The baby of course turned out to be the teenager that had saved the soldiers life.

Our actions have butterfly affect on our destinies. Divided though we may seem, religiously, financially and politically, history has proven that from the heights of Solomon to the depths of the concentration camps, at our core there is an immense longing to help each other with kindness and gratitude that is the envy of the nations.


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