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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Swimmer

From: "Olly Goldstein"
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 5:07 PM
Subject: [Modiin] Forget about Pools........Stop asking why don't we have a pool!!!!

Yes I too would like a pool, a place for little Jamie to learn to swim......I too have numerous comments about Holmes Place that would get me thrown of the list and are definitely not appropriate reading by any means..........but for those mails that are undoubtedly about to start getting sent to the list in the next week from people sick of reading mails from us who are complaining of chlorine-withdrawal symptoms, complaining that people should stop going on about pools, it's been discussed enough etc, etc........that they're sick of reading "why doesn't Modi'in have a pool"
emails..........then let me ask them what I asked a year ago, let me put again to the council a much more pressing matter, much closer to my that I had full belief would be sorted out in the future when I decided to start a family in the holy land and in Israel.......a time where I looked at other cities and thought Modi'in would be the same one day, yet after standing up and asking nobody has taken me seriously, and still the council has not done anything with my complaint/request, allow me to release my frustration yet again upon this list by asking the question we all should be asking, which is "why hasn't Modi'in got a beach"?????


After all........lots of cities in Israel me, I've been to them, I've got the sunburn, had the ice-cream, and I've seen the beaches in tourist guides and everything, seriously, if you don't believe me a simple trip to Steimatzky will show you

Does this council not consider its residents at all.

I mean come on!! So many of us came from abroad, we love the sun, we love the beach, our kids love the beach, so while you're busy listening to me Mr. politician dude, and building my lovely beach (preferably one that has soft sand, but not too soft to build a castle with), would you please get off that shwarma-created posterior region and build me a sea too?

Why create a train station to join up Modi'in to the rest of the country?
Let's just join up the sea!!

Then the country doesn't have to spend billions on trains, security and all that balagan, we can all have our own surfboards (and yes, much more eco-friendly) and we'll all live happily ever after in our yellow submarine elegantly known as Modi'in

Then who will need a swimming pool?

Surfs up dudes!!!!!!!!!!!

(For all those agree, come on, let's get rid of our orange flags, our blue flags, and we'll hang little pirate flags with skulls and crossbones out our windows. Any volunteers wishing to take part in handing out said flags on the 443, please note - compulsory uniforms are Bermuda shorts, sunglasses and a white blob of sun cream at the end of your nose).


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