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Friday, May 05, 2006

The Ambassador (HaShagrir)

I’m still trying to find that magical combination that would produce Israel’s super ambassador and champion of advocacy. It’s difficult. The other night I found myself shouting at the television. The program was HaShagrir and one of the contestants was spewing her rhetoric about the need to allow all the Palestinian refugees back into Palestine and compensate them and the other was saying that we need to keep a tough line against those who preach our destruction. Now its easy when you on the extreme right or left, you have no problems in stating your absolute, clear cut, totally blinkered opinion. But when, like the majority of us, you have become so confused between right and wrong, where you rally behind one politician only to find you’re still moving forward when he has made a U-turn and when you see the appalling tragedy perpetrated by the Palestinian leaderships lust for power, money and blood, you have to ask yourself what is right and wrong.

So who is the perfect Shagrir?
The Shagrir should be right, left, and center.
Speaks at least Ivrit, English, Arabic, Russian, and Amharic.
Knows Israel politically and historically, geographically, culturally and religiously.
Has a realistic approach to security, the Palestinians and a general understanding of the world’s attitudes towards Israel and the Jews.
Ideally worked in the city, on kibbutz, on a falafel stand, in a market and in a factory.
Has lived in the north, south east and west, in the Golan, Galil, Jordon Valley, Haifa, Sharon, Judea, Samaria, Shfela, Jerusalem, the Negev, Dead Sea and Eilat (to name but a few areas and places!)
A person who has done the army, yeshivah, sherut leumi, been a lifeguard, taxi or bus driver, played basketball professional, floated a dot com and swept the streets. Worked in hi-tech, biotech, low-tech, software, hardware, manufacturing, law, medicine, accountancy, tourism, advertising, internet and worked in an office, from home or in a field.
Someone who is irreligious, national religious and ultra religious.
Someone who knows how to carve sh’warma, roll falafel and knows the difference between lafa and pita.
Someone who is orange, blue and white all over.
Someone who is rich middle class and poor.
Someone who lives in an apartment, duplex, triplex, cottage, house, villa, estate, ranch or sleeps on the beach.
Someone who is a sabra, an immigrant, has a holiday home or visits Israel.
Someone who weeps on Yom Hazikaron and celebrates with all his heart on Yom Ha’atzmaut.

I am sure you can find yourself in more than one of theses categories so I guess you’re the person for the job.

Since that probably goes for all of you, on this Yom Hazikaron and Chag Atzmaut make a concerted effort to love your country even more and do everything you can to defend her, support her and celebrate her.


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